I met Pastor Gina Russo and Broken Chains Ministries West Coast team when I was homeless, abused and addicted. At the time I met BCM I was living by the river bottom, my son was was just 10 days old and my abusive husband had just been put in jail.
The team fed me and the other homeless living by the river bottom and they prayed for us. They offered us assistance in anyway they could. A few months later I contacted BCM as a distraught scared angry woman because of the circumstances in my life; my baby had just been taken from me by child protective services. During the following months it was very hard for me. I had been very angry very hateful and I didn't want to live without my baby Jojo. I kept in tight contact with Brendalee the leader of BCM West Coast, and Pastor Gina Russo on a daily basis with many many distraught phone calls at all hours of the day and night. They always assured me that they were there for me and that the Lord would never leave me nor for sake me. They offered me several options to help me get out of my situation as well as prayer and support. At that point I started to see firsthand the favor of God that I had over my life. Their prayer support and dedication helped me change my whole life. They got me into to sober living programs for free, they helped me get a grant to get a two bedroom apartment and they guided me through the process of getting my baby back, permanently closing my case with child protective services...ALL IN UNDER ONE YEAR.
With their guidance and encouragement I completed all the classes I needed from substance-abuse parenting classes, voluntary counseling, mandatory counseling and any other type of self-help class they recommended in some I did on my own.
I never took no for an answer if I could get it I would pray and give it to God and watch God supply all my needs. I learned that very quickly.
I have come along way in a matter of 10 months even my CPS worker told me that my case was one of the fastest open and shut cases they have never dealt with.
I am now a happy joy filled loving mommy that God has called me to be. Thank you Lord for your son Jesus and for sending Broken Chains Ministries to my life! I know it was all Gods grace and mercy.
Isaiah 40:27–30
"Why do you complain Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, "My Way is hidden from the Lord; my cause is disregarded by my God"? Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, in his understanding no one can't fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the week. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;"
Allison Ann Clark
Riverside, Ca

Tracy S.
Riding our equine Minister,
New York Babe.
Read her amazing testimony below!
BCM came to me at a time in my life in which I was consumed by post
traumatic stress disorder from a long history of emotional physical and
sexual abuse and frustration from losing more and more independence due to Multiple Sclerosis and seizures.  The comfort and acceptance I felt immediately was beyond words.  Add in pet therapy with Babe a big
beautiful Thoroughbred horse and I have come so far!  Working with Babe has given me that unconditional love and acceptance that everyone needs in their life.  I had a goal of mounting the big girl from the ground and God bless her she and I learned together.  Her patience, and my stubborn perseverance as I at first would push and push and "hang" off the side of her trying to find the strength in my leg to get up there.  Each time I visited Babe we would attempt this feat until one day I was strong enough and mounted completely unassisted!!!  She too now stands still and has overcome some of her own fears and when I am not suffering a relapse or bad day, no mounting block for me :).  My confidence with babe extended into me
having the courage to step up on stage and compete in the Mrs. RI America pageant this past February.  I didn't win the title, but I won the two awards, Interview and a special Spirit award, based on who I am and not what I looked like.  It's especially comforting to know that no matter how depressed, afraid, or just plain not right, I can call on BCM and have a shoulder to rest my head and hands to raise me up <3
Tracy S.
Smithfield, RI


BCM came into my life at a time when I was very sick in body. I had been a drug addict since of the age of 12, was a victim of domestic abuse, I've been to jail several times, and was severely depressed/suicidal. I had been struggling with addiction more than half of my life.
I had a stroke and a small heart attack and was on my way to just dying. In March 2013 my brother Pastor Joey Melendrez and his wife Kathryn Melendrez partnered with Pastor Gina Russo to launch Broken Chains Ministries West Coast. God compelled me, as I lay near death to reach out to my brother in April 2013. The three of them worked as a team and nourished me back to health.
I needed something more in my life, just wasn't sure what it was yet. I had just gotten clean about a week or so and was still very tired and sleepy.  One day I was asked to help put together this reference book for a ministry my sister-in-law Katherine was working on with (BCM). So it started from there and, as I begin to do this, God just sparked this desire inside of me to help women who are just like me. As I grew stronger, I helped in the ministry more and more. It felt good and it felt right. I felt like I finally had purpose and was needed. So I started doing intakes over the phone. I started to learn what types of places that BCM had to offer these women,. I started to learn that I had something to offer these women; God's love and hope.
One day after a conversation with Pastor Gina on the phone she help me realize I needed to truly surrender my life fully to the Lord and forgive myself. Once I did that, and learned how to forgive myself, that's the day I stepped into the fullness of what I know God has for me.
Through BCM and the guidance of Pastor Gina, God really started to clean house in my life, all the legal issues and all the health issues. Since then I have been clean, discharged from my probation, my health has been restored, and I know run BCM West Coast. I have been able to be a part of these womens' lives and see them get reunited with their children, complete programs, achieve many clean dates - 30 days into years, start school, get jobs and move into their own homes. If it wasn't for BCM and the love of God and my family and the relationship I have with Pastor Gina Russo I wouldn't be writing this today. God had a plan for me all along.
Jeremiah 29:11 "for I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Thank you Jesus, your will be done Lord!
(Read more about me on "BCM West Coast team" page of this website)
Brendalee Fernandez
BCM West Coast leader
Riverside, Ca

November 6, 2016
Last night (on my birthday!) in Ontario, CA we stopped on the street to help a woman who was CLEARLY in distress. We sat with her on the sidewalk of a busy road and prayed for her. We got her calmed down and offered her ANYTHING she needed which she declined saying she would be OK and had a ride coming to get her. We gave her our # and went on our way.
We had NO IDEA she was on her way to KILL HERSELF had we not stopped to help her!
We just found out today as she texted us a thank you then posted the following on Facebook! This is BY FAR the best birthday gift I ever got!! PRAISE HIM! - Pastor Gina Russo

Here is her testimony:
"It's time to begin the healing and take hold of each and every moment of every day from here on; to move forward and never allow anyone to control me or my life again. Never looking back, only moving forward. To close ... no SLAM the door ... on those negative things that have controlled the strong woman I once was.
I had a need for real God intervention last night. I was walking down the street crying at 10:30 pm.
I had every intention on ending all the pain for good, just minutes from ending my life. I was walking down the street crying to God saying "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" over and over again. Then out of no where these two women walked up to me on the street. It was Gina Russo and Brenda Lee Fernandez from Broken Chains Ministries. They came up to me. I was a mess from everything I had gone through in the past two days. I was crying and must have looked insane. These women prayed for me and knew exactly what to say and what not to say. I knew right there God was there with me. Yes, GOD, with ME, the same me who recently cursed Him. God was there in these two wonderful women saving not just my life, but my soul and my final address.
Today I'm here to tell anyone who can here me...GOD STOOD IN FRONT ME LAST NIGHT holding me in his arms comforting me and loving me. THIS IS FACT! Gods intervention is amazing! I have heard some of the cruelest words spoken to me in past two days. I've been abused emotionally for over a year. I have allowed things from people to destroy the beauty and glow I once had. Well no more! I rebuke you devil!!
I no longer believe those lies you have been telling me!. I no longer allow you to bring words of destruction against me! I claim victory over depression! I claim Victory over loneliness IN JESUS NAME!"
-Cathy Berry
Pomona, California

I was introduced to Broken Chaines Ministries in September 2011. A friend of mine wanted me to meet Pastor Gina Russo, founder of BCM. Gina had just started BCM and was holding weekly women's support groups, and I needed help.
I needed emotional, financial, and spiritual help. Pastor Gina, by her nature an through her Ministry, was able to meet all of my needs. Pastor Gina provided compassion, friendship, encouragement, and Faith. She gave me gasoline and food cards, cash and clothing. I received the Holy Spirit and was baptized March 28th 2012.
Many days and nights Pastor Gina would talk to me about Jesus and His Word. Gina is a strong preacher, a faithful friend, a determined Pastor and a beacon to the world...yes, I did say world.
I believe in Pastor Gina and Broken Chains Ministries with so much faith that I know she will make a difference worldwide, she actually already does. I know that she has many peers and colleagues on the other side of the ocean and she will bring BCM East Coast-West Coast to all.
Diane Mariani
Warren, RI

Last Monday BCM ministered for the first time at a women's sober livng home here on the West Coast in Riverside, Ca. What an amazing experience it was for us and them. The girls expected the same old mandatory "bible study" and were not particularly thrilled to participate...until God showed up and melted their hearts through us sharing our personal testimonies.
Revelation 12:11
"They triumphed over him (the evil one) by the blood of the Lamb (shed blood of Jesus) and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death."
The girls were touchd by God that night in a way like never before and Praise God, the testimonies came in starting the very next day! Phone calls came in, resources came in, case workers randomly "showed up" just to name a few! One particular testimony stood out the most...a girl, we will call her "Lisa", asked to speak to us in private. She proceeded to tell us her most desperate story, truly hopeless for sure. I agonized over this girl, petitioning the throne of God to have mercy on her and to prevent her from further spiraling out of control. I have to admit, I feared she might "miss it" and fall through the cracks. Forgive me Lord...
Praise God! We got a phone call yesterday...only 3 days after we prayed with the girl, a MIRACLE happened. Her prayers got answered!! She called us to tell us "IT HAD TO BE GOD!!" and she is now on her way to finding LIFE IN JESUS!!!
Please keep BCM and it's "clients" in prayer...we minister to girls just like "Lisa" all the time. Matter of fact, 4 more sober houses have asked us to minister in their homes as well, on a weekly basis! This is the fruit of YOUR SUPPORT! Thank you all who continue in prayer and support. God Bless you!!
Pastor Gina Russo

I was introduced to Pastor Gina Russo through my cousin Diane after she told me how Pastor Gina and her Ministry helped her back get back on her feet.
I was going through Parkinson's disease and Pastor Gina was very supportive and prayed for me. Her prayers and support his help me get through this difficult time. Pastor Gina is very passionate about her ministry and has grown it to the West Coast. I cannot say enough about Pastor Gina's generosity and compassion. I am very thankful for Pastor Gina and her support and caring.
Nicholas R. Florio
East Providence, RI

This prayer and appreciation came in from Africa...Broken Chains helps this orphanage as much as we can...
Isabirye Paulous... Father of heavens and earth,the beginning and end,i want to bless your name and extend further my thanks to the great work broken chain has done to our ministry and may the lord God almighty bless them all.thank you for standing with us and feeding the children and the prayer u pray that the lord may elevate us.
Pastor Isabirye Paulou
Uganda Africa

You are a true blessing not only to me but to everyone that you cross paths with! I cannot stop thinking about our conversation on Saturday night and the one earlier today. You made some very profound statements related to God that I honestly did not think about - I'm dealing with dark spirits as it relates to my marriage and today you taught me that there is a huge difference between the flesh and the spirit. God really uses you to deliver His word. That is incredible! I know this because I have friends that believe in God and that I talk to about daily living. And I'm not criticizing them, but they are not anointed and cannot pass along His word. I know this does not mean you are better than they are. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that you are definitely chosen and have been blessed with an absolutely beautiful gift.

HI Gina
I hope that all is going well for you and everyone there and that you all are doing good
you all are in all our prayers here.
It was so great to see and be with all of you there for the all night prayer.
I was so blessed with being there with all of you it was so awesome and powerful. It was a really moving thing for me it inspired me to write a song.
You know Gina one of the things that was so awesome was I felt right at home. Your dad, before he left, came and gave me a hug and said, “this is your home…well your second home”, and it kind of made me cry. Not with tears of sadness but with tears of joy, because that’s how I felt; like i was right at home there, with all of you, as I am at my home church Bethany. Even now talking and thinking about it brings lots of those same emotions and tears of that very night. It is something that I will never forget and will hold near and dear into my heart.
Then again why should we not feel at home anywhere that we go with or in the body of Christ, for we are all of one spirit and of one mind and of one body and that is of Christ.
Gina I just want to let you know that you have brought joy to a women that I work with.
You see she is a horse lover such as yourself, she has a horse also.
Sometimes she looks upset or angry, but the one thing that seems to not be the case is when she is talks about her horse.
I was telling her about what you are going to be doing. Sister… you should have been there, you should have seen her face. Not only that her whole, as the bible would say, countenance, it was like WOW … Gina, it was as if someone flipped a light switch in a dark room turning a light on. She said a few times now that’s awesome and we talked about how horses are very keen to people's feelings and emotios and how they are very, very smart and many of the things that you yourself already know.