Words cannot describe how blessed beyond belief I feel as a wake up this morning after a powerful move of God last night during our Freedom Friday service. I have suffered much, poured my heart and soul into the Lord and the ministry He entrusted to me, Broken Chains Ministries. My only passion is to see people rescued, delivered, saved and healed. It's not my intention to do church as usual. What the Lord did last night just blew my mind. The vision God threaded into my heart 4 years ago is manifesting by leaps and bounds...This entire week has been one big "suddenly" moment. It gives new meaning to the term "Godspeed". I'm humbled to my very core to be used by Almighty God in such a profound way...and I KNOW this is barely scratching the surface of the fullness God has for BCM/Oasis of Grace. My parents have labored HARD FOR MANY MANY YEARS, my children and I have been through hell and back 100 times over, I should have been dead several times over, BUT THE LOVING MERCIFUL ALMIGHTY GOD CARRIED US THROUGH and is now pouring out a blessing that is far beyond I could ever imagine and it's an unstoppable never ending flow from this moment on. We have TRUELY OVERCOME! Friends I want to encourage you; Galations 6:9
"So let's not ever get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up."
Never give up on trusting God NO MATTER WHAT life throws at you! When you have Jesus in your life and in your heart "death" will never come to you you will never fail... EVER! no matter what it looks like! JESUS IS THE GREAT AND ONLY REDEEMER!
THank you to ALL my friends and family that have supported me and BCM! LOVE YOU ALL!
-Pastor Gina Russo

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